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Edible collagen casings


Product for the most demanding. Edible collagen casings are ideal packaging for sausages which shall be consumed together with casings. Full control of raw materials guarantees safety of meat products. Stable caliber of casing provides producers with easy and fast production, and guarantees repeatability of meat products to consumers.


  • are used for small and medium diametersausages which shall be consumed together with casings,
  • filling on standard and manual filling machines

Quality features:

  • products gain a natural appearance,
  • perfectly adheres to the stuffing,
  • casings are undetectable during eating,
  • provide excellent flexibility,
  • they ensure stability and repeatability of production,
  • ready to use immediately after being removed from the package,
  • they quarantee the safety of the final product

Types of casings:

  • FJK/JK* - for steamed, smoked and driedsausages, such as kabanos/cabanossi,
  • FJP/JP* - for cooked or cooked and smoked non-dried products, such as frankfurters, wieners, hot-dogs,bratwurst,
  • FJF/JF* - for raw, unprocessed sausages, dried or intended to be grilled, fried or treated with high-temperature

*designation applies collagen casings Fcase

New in our portfolio are ring edible casings (type FWJ) which are available in natural colours and calibers:
ø32- ø52 mm.

Available calibers:

  • ø18, ø19, ø20, ø21, ø22, ø23, ø24, ø25, ø26, ø28, ø30, ø31, ø32, ø33, ø35, ø 36, ø 38, ø40, ø45, ø50

Oferowane kolory:

natural CNA
caramel CS0
light caramel CS1
light caramel
apricot C01
onion C02
mahogany C03
salmon C08
pink C14
black C15
amber C16
light salmon C18
light salmon


Packing & services:

  • shirred into sticks, ready to use immediately when removed from the caddy

Warranty period:

Ediblle collagen casting have 12 months shelf life of application from production date.

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