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History and development

The decision to set up Collagen Casings Factory in Białka was taken in the late 60. of the twentieth century. Plant construction was to allow to resigning the expensive import of collagen casing and prevent low supply of natural gut. Splits of cattle, a waste product in leather industry which was flourishing in that time, were supposed to be a raw material for casing production. There was a reason for establishing the factory in the area of Sucha Beskidzka. The choice was based on the studies, and mainly on microclimate conditions, infrastructure base and easy access to raw materials base.

Construction works began in 1970, and in the beginning of 1973 the factory achieved its production capacity. Therefore 1973 is considered as the beginning of FABIOS’s operation.

(the subst. memoirs written by company co-founders: Mr. Edward Buda and Mr. Andrzej Wachowicz)

1960 - Collagen casing development begins

1970 - Cornerstone laid at The Collagen Casing Factory

1973- 03-19 - Factory opening ceremony

1987 - Development of the production halls

1993 - 1995 - New process lines launched

1995 - Collagen foil in the production

1996 - Colored casings and casings suitable for printing in the production

1997 - FABIOS abbreviation added to the official name

2000 - Ring casing in the production

2003 - FABIOS was granted the veterinary number and the right to export in EU

2005 - Easily removable casing in the production

2007- 04 - 01 - FABIOS was transformed from state enterprise into joint-stock company

2008 - 35th anniversary of FABIOS S.A.

2009 - RTU type casings in the production

2012/2013 - Edible collagen casings in the production

2013 - Looped and sewn casings in the production

2015 - Colored edible collagen casings in the production

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