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Energy Policy FABIOS S.A.

in Białka (near Maków Podhalański)

As an energy-intensive business, oriented on improvement of energy consumption efficiency, competitiveness and reduced emission of greenhouse gases, FABIOS S.A. undertakes to perform actions leading to a better energy output of the Company with concurrent fulfilment of obligations imposed by law. By implementing this Policy, top management undertakes to continuously improve the company’s power output.

Through our actions, we undertake to:

  • reasonably use the power consumed for the purpose of our technological processes,
  • design the technological processes in such a way as to reduce energy consumption,
  • support the purchase of energy-saving products and services and carry out investment projects in a manner ensuring improvement of the company’s energy output,
  • raise energy awareness of the personnel through ensuring trainings to our employees, including, in particular, the ones whose work affects energy consumption,
  • maintain, at all levels of the organisation, power management which is subjected to regular reviews and continuous monitoring and improvement, and which is supported by measurable targets.

The power policy has been duly implemented and communicated, and is known to all employees of the organisation. Additionally, it is subjected to reviews and updates, depending on the needs. Under the energy policy established by the Management Board of Fabios S.A., all employees are required to act in accordance with the above-mentioned obligations.

Through this policy, the Management Board of FABIOS S.A. declares its personal involvement in the reduction of consumption of energy resources and in propagating availability of information and resources needed for the achievement of the targets set and for performance of the tasks.

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