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Ring casings FW, FWR


FABIOS ring casings are the combination of traditional properties of natural casings with modern technological solutions. Thanks to ring casings, producers can extend their portfolio of products, and customers receive sausages with an attractive and natural look.


  • used for products where natural, ring shape of the product is very important.

Quality features:

  • products gain a natural shape and appearance,
  • they imitate natural casings,
  • they acquire a natural and lasting colour during smoking,
  • they dry up in a natural way together with the stuffing,
  • they are permeable to water and steam,
  • they are durable during filling and clipping,
  • they ensure quick and efficient production

Available calibres:

  • ø32 – ø 52 mm

Types of casings:

  • FW - for smoked and scalded products, standard diameter of ring,
  • FWT - for smoked and scalded products, smaller diameter of ring,
  • FWR - for raw and durable products, standard diameter of ring,
  • FWTR - for raw and durable products, smaller diameter of ring

Offered colours:

natural CNA
caramel CS0
onion C02
mahogany C03
raspberry C04
coral C05
red salmon C06
red salmon
dark caramel C07
dark caramel
salmon C08
plum C09
dark mahogany C10
dark mahogany
neon red C11
neon red
cranberry C12


Packing & services:

  • rolls,
  • shirred,
  • hanks,
  • easy-peel,
  • ready-to-use

Instruction for use:

The application of FABIOS ring casings is a 5 stage process: soaking, filling, clipping or tying, thermal treatment or processing with cold smoke, cooling or maturing. Details of the mentioned stages are presented here.

Warranty period:

Ring casings have 18 months shelf life of application from production date

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